Our leaders represent our community.

“Muncie is a great place to live, and it’s because of the contributions residents have chosen to make in their community,” says Sara Shade, a member of three Community Foundation committees. “Different people are able to contribute in different ways. As a young attorney, I was given opportunities to work with local non-profit groups. I have enjoyed the work and witnessing the results of those contributions.”

Sara is a managing partner at Beasley & Gilkison LLP. On top of her professional activities, she is the president of Muncie Noon Rotary Club and the board chair for Muncie Symphony Orchestra. She became familiar with the work of The Community Foundation because of some of her co-worker's involvement. The volunteer work she does for The Community Foundation has allowed her to develop relationships beyond her law practice and feel she is a part of the community.

“Grant funding from the Foundation has a lasting impact upon local organizations,” she says. “There are countless examples of projects which wouldn’t have occurred without funding from The Foundation.”


Picture of Trent Dowling

Trent Dowling

Officer: Chair

Representing: Financial Services

"By serving on the Community Foundation Board, I can be a small part of helping change and better others' lives and situations in our community through the great work and efforts of the organization."

Picture of Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora

Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora

Officer: Vice Chair

Representing: Community-At-Large

"I am humbled and honored to serve on the board for the Foundation which is an organization that impacts so many lives. I believe deeply in giving back to a community that has given me so much."

Picture of Casey Stanley

Casey Stanley

Officer: Secretary

Representing: Community-At-Large

Picture of Ermalene Faulkner

Ermalene Faulkner

Officer: Treasurer

Representing: Education

"It is a great honor to serve as a member of the Board. The Foundation has continuously demonstrated commitment and dedication to our entire community. The philanthropic goals, strategies and actions to positively impact the lives of our citizenry are apparent, clear and decisive."

Picture of Derron Bishop

Derron Bishop

Representing: Health and Human Services

Picture of Dave Heeter

Dave Heeter

Representing: Community-At-Large

"I choose to serve the Community Foundation to do whatever I can to continue the legacy of our community. Few organizations have and will have a positive impact on the quality of life for all in our community."

Picture of Mia Johnson

Mia Johnson

Representing: Community-At-Large

Picture of Carol E. Seals

Carol E. Seals

Representing: Business

"I am honored to share my time, resources and skills to give back and strengthen the community. I have a firm belief in the Foundation's vital role of community betterment and enhancing the quality of life in our community."

Picture of Sara Shade

Sara Shade

Representing: Professional

"As a member of The Community Foundation Board, I have the opportunity to make both immediate and lasting impacts upon our community."



Kathy White, Chair
Judy Benken
Trent Dowling
Mark A. Ervin
Michael B. Galliher
David W. Heeter
John D. Littler
Chris Miller
Casey Stanley


Sara Shade, Chair
John Anderson Jr.
Chris Day
Ermalene Faulkner
Jaime Faulkner
Olivia Fellows
Molly Flodder
Keith Gary
Linda Gregory
Gary Thomas
Marianne Vorhees
Leland Wilhoite


Tom Heck, Chair
Chris Caldwell
Ronald K. Fauquher
Mark K. Hardwick
Thomas J. Kinghorn
Jeffrey R. Lang
Carol E. Seals
Daniel Stallings


Derron Bishop
Rateira Dodds-Simmons
Keith Doudt
Connie Gregory
Aileen Howard
Marchal Hudson
Ryan Hunter
Mia Johnson
Fred Meyer

Our Impact

The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County is here to benefit the community. Donors and volunteers help us make Delaware County a better place to work, live and play. Read more about the impact of your neighbors.