Our Promise to Your Legacy

Where neighbors create legacies. The Community Foundation provides unique opportunities for individuals to create a legacy during their life and afterward. Leaving a gift through an estate plan, such as in a will or through life insurance, can have a permanent effect on the causes and organizations that matter most.

This year, Nancy Smith established the Nancy J. Smith Fund, a field of interest fund that supports two causes close to her heart - the elderly and animals. The fund will be available to make small grants during Nancy’s life. A gift from her estate plan will grow the fund allowing it to make a greater impact on these causes forever.

“It’s an easy way to do a lot of good for a long period of time,” explained Nancy regarding her decision to establish the Nancy J. Smith Fund and join the Legacy Society. “The Community Foundation has so much history that the trust is there. I think they really do try to honor your wishes even after you’ve moved on. It ’s a very easy, effective way to help in a lot of areas. Why not? ”

A legacy gift requires a trust and commitment from us and from our donors. It is our promise that we will protect your charitable assets and use them as designated. Members of our Legacy Society have informed us of their planned gift. Listed below are the people who have made a promise to us. You can make that promise, too.  Contact Kelly K. Shrock, president, at 765-747-7181.

Nancy Smith
Legacy Society member, Nancy Smith poses with her cat Lambchop. Nancy has worked with the Foundation to establish a fund through her estate that will support two causes that matter most to her – services for the elderly and for animals.

Legacy Society Members:

  • Gary W. Addison
  • Russ and Judy Anderson
  • Anonymous (5)
  • Davis and Joan Bahlmann
  • Kathy A. and Gary W. Bartlett
  • Robert and Tommye Beavers
  • Norman E. and Joyce M. Beck
  • Waldo and Louisa Beebe
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Donald Bell
  • Jean R. Blake
  • Rob and Mary Brodhead
  • Jack and Jane Buckles
  • Donald G. and Donna Sue Conner
  • Gary Dodson and Jill Jereb
  • Ron and Cheryl Fauquher
  • Chris French
  • Connie R. Gregory
  • Linda S. Gregory
  • Mr. Julian and Dr. Suzanne Gresham
  • Charles and Charlotte Hetrick
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Hiltz
  • Gregory A. Huffman*
  • Richard D. Hughes
  • Julianna Jarabak Johnson
  • Ms. Roni Johnson
  • Tim L. and Sharon H. Kuzma
  • Jeff and Beth Lang
  • Florence "Flo" Lapin
  • John and Katherine Littler
  • Dick and Liz Marshall
  • Dick and Joan McKee
  • Howard and Erma McVicker 

  • Gary and Lana Merritt*
  • Dr. Fred A. MeyerVivian L. Milheim
  • Dr. Albert O. Miller III
  • Kenneth R. and Glenda D. Miller
  • William V. Miller and Annemarie Voss
  • Jon and Barbara Moll
  • Bruce and Pat Moore
  • Erwin C. and Barbara D. Mueller
  • The Oesterle Family
  • Jack and Thelma Ann Peckinpaugh
  • William and Betsy Peckinpaugh
  • John and Angeline Pruis
  • Jim and Mary Rosema
  • Kelly and Joel Shrock
  • Bill and Julie Skinner
  • Smith Family Fund
  • Jeanne and John Smith
  • Nancy J. Smith
  • Marilyn and Bob Smitson
  • Kelly and Donna Stanley
  • David and Sandra Stocker
  • Charles V. and Claudia B. Sursa
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Sursa
  • Scott M. Terhune
  • Helen and Leon Towne
  • Terry and Cheryl Walker
  • Ted and Sarah Wanthal
  • Douglas and Katherine White
  • Marilyn and Earl R. Williams
  • Jim and Adele Wingate      

* new member
italics - deceased in 2017

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