Some of the most common questions we receive are answered below. If you don't see an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

I am with an organization that is not a 501(C)(3) or municipality. Can I still apply for a grant?

Grants are generally awarded to 501(c)(3) organizations. However, there are circumstances where an organization who is not a qualified 501(c)(3) may apply. Please call 765-747-7181 or email and speak with a program officer. The Community Foundation also cannot grant to individuals. Students may apply for scholarships, however, the actual scholarship payment is sent directly to the educational institution.  

I have never applied for a grant before, do I need to talk to someone at the Foundation?

Yes! Please call 765-747-7181 or email and speak with a program officer. First-time applicants are required to contact the foundation. In some cases, a meeting may be required. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals and generally does not make grants for religious purposes, for covering budget deficits, for travel, for fundraising events, for endowments or for projects normally the responsibility of a government agency.

What questions can a new applicant expect?

Our grant processes require new organizations be well established prior to applying for or receiving a grant. We must ensure the organization could financially accept and steward grant funding. Please note that funding is never guaranteed as a volunteer committee makes recommendations to our Board of Directors, who makes the final approval of all grants. When calling as a first-time applicant, you will typically be asked the following questions. We also reserve the right to request corresponding documentation or ask additional questions as necessary.

  1. Is your organization a 501c3 nonprofit organization or unit of government?
  2. When was the organization established?
  3. Do you have an established Board of Directors (usually at least five or more members)?
  4. Do you have a financial account dedicated to the organization?
  5. Do you have approved bylaws?
  6. Did you file a 990 in the previous year?
  7. Have you received any funding from earned income, donations or grants to date?
  8. What is the mission/programming of the organization?
  9. Does the mission/programming benefit Delaware County, Indiana residents?
  10. What is the purpose and amount requested of your proposed grant application?

I can't find the PDF grant application. How do I apply for a grant?

We no longer accept paper or PDF applications. The grant application is an entirely online process. Visit the grants website and create a username and password to gain access. If you are not sure if you already have a username, please call 765-747-7181 or email and speak with a program officer.

Can I apply for more than one grant per year?

You may apply for a Quarterly Competitive, Kitselman, Maxon, and a Town Endowment grant within the same year if you are a qualified organization that fits the funding priorities of each grant process. However, in general, an organization is only eligible for one of each type of those grants per calendar year. Exceptions will only be made in rare circumstances and with specific approval prior to grant submission.

Teachers and counselors may apply for more than one grant per year for Robert P. Bell Education Grants. They may apply more than once per cycle as well.

Qualified applicants may also apply for more than one grant per year for Land Conservation Grants.

Please refer to the guidelines for each grant process for more information.

Who reviews my grant application? Who decides if my grant is approved?

The Community Foundation’s grants committees designated for each type of grant review all applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committees are made up of volunteers of people that work and live in Delaware County. The Board of Directors ultimately approve or deny all grant requests. Staff of The Community Foundation does not approve or deny grant requests.

My Quarterly Competitive Grant application was denied. Can I apply again next quarter for the same project?

No. You cannot apply for the same project unless a very rare exception is made indicated by a program officer. You may apply again for a different purpose in the same year, although it is not advised.

My grant application was approved, but something changed and I would like to utilize the funding differently. Can I do that?

Not without approval from The Community Foundation. In some cases, you must obtain approval of a variance from the specific grants committee and CFMD Board of Directors. A program officer will be able to determine the best course of action. In some cases, a refund may be required. Please call 765-747-7181 or email and speak with a program officer.

I don't have my post grant report finished but I want to apply again. Can I still apply?

Post grant reports are required for grants awarded through an application process. Typically, new applications cannot be reviewed if post grant reports are outstanding or overdue from previous grants. Please call 765-747-7181 or email and speak with a program officer to discuss your options.

My grant application was approved and I want to write a press release. Can I use the Foundation's name?

Please do! Please cite our name as “The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, Inc.” We only ask that you wait until our press release has been published and that you allow our Community Engagement Officer to review the press release. Please send your press release to prior to publication.

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