Picture of Trent Dowling

Trent Dowling

Officer: Chair

Representing: Financial Services

Picture of Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora

Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora

Officer: Vice Chair

Representing: Arsts, Culture, Recreation

Picture of Casey Stanley

Casey Stanley

Officer: Secretary

Representing: Business

Picture of John W. Anderson

John W. Anderson

Representing: Community-At-Large

Picture of Ermalene Faulkner

Ermalene Faulkner

Officer: Treasurer

Representing: Education

Picture of Derron Bishop

Derron Bishop

Representing: Health and Human Services

Picture of Dave Heeter

Dave Heeter

Representing: Community-At-Large

Picture of Mia Johnson

Mia Johnson

Representing: Community-At-Large

Picture of Sara Shade

Sara Shade

Representing: Professional

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