Recommending Grants Through the Fund Portal

From time-to-time, donor advisors may choose to recommend grants from their donor-advised fund. These recommendations can be made online through the Fund Portal following these instructions.

Step 1

Visit to access the fund portal. Your email address is your username. If you need help setting or re-setting your password, please contact Kallie Sulanke, Community Engagement Officer at or 765-747-7181.

Step 2

Select Grant Request from the top navigation menu.

On this page, you’ll identify the grantee.

1) If you have previously made a grant, you will have the option to select a previous grantee from the drop-down list.

2) You may select to make a great to key funds at the Foundation. The Unrestricted Fund is always included in this list. Other community-project funds will also appear on this list from time to time.

3) You may search for other Grantees. This search only pulls in Community Foundation funds and marked nonprofits from our database. We are working to add more nonprofits to this list.

4) You may enter a grantee's information manually. You must enter a name, address, zip code, and phone number. This helps us make sure we get your grant to the right organization.

"Choose from previous Grantees" or "Enter Grantee information manually" will be the most common options.

Once you enter the grantee information, click Submit to be taken to the next screen.

Screen shot of Donor Advised Request Instructions Step 2


Step 3

Enter your grant information.

On this page, you’ll enter grant information, including the amount of the grant request.

The other fields are optional and will help the Foundation communicate with the grantee about the grant.

Description – This is a brief description of the grant. This can be left blank.

Amount – Amount of grant.

Anonymous – If you want the grant made anonymously to the recipient organization, check this box.

Recurring – If you would like this grant to be made on a recurring basis, you may check this box. This is uncommon.

Attachment and Attachment Description – You may include a documentation if desired. This is uncommon.

Additional Information – Please use this box to include any detailed instructions to be included with the grant, such as if the grant is to support a specific program or to help capture a match.

Once you enter the grant information, click Review to be taken to the final screen. 
Screen shot of Donor Advised Request Instructions Step 3


Step 4

Review and Submit Request.

On this final page, you can review your grant request. If all information is correct, click Submit Request. If changes are needed, you may click Edit Request.

Screen shot of Donor Advised Request Instructions Step 4


Your request will be brought to The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County’s Board of Directors for review and approval. Donor advised grant requests are reviewed at the monthly board meeting, on the third Monday of each month.

All donor-advised requests must be made in writing. While we hope you will choose to use the Fund Portal, you may also submit your request using the paper form (available below) or by sending an email to Kallie Sulanke, Community Engagement Officer at

Download the Donor Advised Fund Recommendation Form

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