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Our stylized eternal flame - designed by a community leader in 1985 - is a symbol of the lasting effect a gift of today can have for generations to come. The Community Foundation offers a way to assure that one’s generosity, either by gift or bequest, will have a permanent impact on our community far beyond the donor’s lifetime. The flame reflects three concepts central to the mission of the Foundation:

  • Perpetuity

  • Intensity of Need and Commitment
  • The Optimism and Reality of a Better Quality of Life


The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, Inc. encourages philanthropy, assists donors in building an enduring source of charitable assets, and exercises leadership in directing resources to enhance the quality of life for residents of Muncie and Delaware County.


To impact and empower Muncie and Delaware County by enabling philanthropy as a trusted community leader and promoting positive change now and for generations to come.


Our Values

  • Representative: The Community Foundation values the ability of all citizens in Muncie and Delaware County to give and serve for the common good of the community.
  • Responsive: The Community Foundation values its ability to serve as a community convener around issues and needs of Delaware County.
  • Relevant: The Community Foundation values the understanding of, importance of, and involvement in charitable giving to the people of Muncie and Delaware County.

Our Strategic Directives

Asset Development

  • Continue to build endowment by focusing on increasing the unrestricted fund
  • Develop working relationships with professional advisors to enhance awareness of creative methods of giving and promote Legacy Society
  • Cultivate relationships with and solicit local donors
  • Prudently manage investments/endowed funds


  • Support the local nonprofit sector through good grantmaking
  • Establish a proactive grantmaking program, linking funding priorities to community needs
  • Measure outcomes and impact of funded programs
  • Build collaborations

Community Engagement

  • Increase and develop The Community Foundation’s relationships with local nonprofit organizations
  • Promote nonprofit organizational effectiveness
  • Increase community understanding of the Foundation while educating the public about philanthropy

Our Staff

Picture of Kelly K. Shrock

Kelly K. Shrock



Kelly, as Executive Officer of the Foundation, directs, coordinates and supports all of the Foundation's functions, programs, and services. She is responsible for financial and operational management of the Foundation, for establishing strong relationships and for directing public awareness efforts toward promoting the good works of the Foundation.

Picture of Carly Acree-King

Carly Acree-King

Program Officer


Carly manages the Foundation's scholarship and special programs. In addition to working with donors, schools and students as they relate to scholarships, she oversees the Robert P. Bell Education Grants and the three town endowment grant programs.

Picture of Trina Bowling

Trina Bowling

Finance Officer


Trina oversees the finances and accounting of the Foundation. She works closely with the Investment and Finance Committees, and manages the Foundation's income and expendatures.

Picture of JoAnna Darda

JoAnna Darda

Administrative Assistant


JoAnna is the office connector at the Foundation. She provides assistance in finance, grantmaking, and operations, and services the Foundation's network and database administrator.

Picture of Marcy Minton

Marcy Minton

Senior Program Officer


Marcy manages the Foundation's larger grants programs, like Quarterly Competitive, Maxon Fund, and Harry and Janet Kitselman Fund grants. She provides support to grants committee members, grant applicants, and grant recipients. Marcy also oversees strategic initiatives of the Foundation.

Picture of Amy Tuttle

Amy Tuttle

Communications Administrator


Amy supports donors by receiving and acknowledging all contributions to the Foundation. She also engages in donor stewardship, shares the Foundation's story through publications, and manages the archives of the Foundation.

Picture of Kallie Sulanke

Kallie Sulanke

Community Engagement Officer


Kallie serves as the Foundation's storyteller to increase public awareness of the good works of the Foundation. She also assists with asset development functions of the Foundation and supports nonprofit organizations in the community as they look for opportunities to build sustainability.

Contact Us

We're all about serving the community, so we welcome input from the community. Tell us about a need, ask how to get involved, or just let us know what you think of our website. We look forward to hearing from you.