Posted by: Kallie on Jan/24/2017


Since 2009, The Community Foundation has supported Emergence, an 8-week, interactive leadership program through the Shafer Leadership Academy. Funded through the Quarterly Competitive Grant program, grant dollars to Shafer Leadership Academy provide program scholarships for representatives of nonprofit organizations.

In 2016, a $6,100 grant provided eight scholarships for Emergence, and five scholarships for Allegiance, an intensive “next level” leadership program. Program attendees develop skills that allow them to be better leaders in their organization and the community. One scholarship recipient noted that her entire team is benefiting from the lessons learned through the leadership program.

“The workshops opened my eyes to where I really am professionally and where my team is as whole,” said Char Hawkins, a recipient of a nonprofit scholarship for the Allegiance program. “I have been able to use the information to bring all of us to the next level.”

Quarterly Competitive Grants fund projects that demonstrate community benefit in the areas of arts and culture, human services, economic development, education and community betterment. These grants are funded through unrestricted and field of interest endowment funds at The Community Foundation. Contributions to The Unrestricted Fund from our donors increase the level of grants available annually. 

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