Our Promise


Dearest Community,

On May 15, 1985, the first donors made their gifts to The Community Foundation, and on that day, we made a promise to you. Every day since, we have fulfilled that promise of growth and endurance to allow every charitable gift to meet a wide variety of Muncie and Delaware County’s needs.

We couldn’t achieve this without the promise you’ve made to us. Steadfast community volunteers have served on our Board of Directors and committees. More than 3,700 donors have shown their generosity. Those gifts of talent and treasure, combined with work from our dedicated investment committee, have helped us grow our permanent endowment to more than $58 million. Each year, we spend a portion of the interest. It amounts to nearly $3 million in grants back to you.

Our endowment is forever. Our grants support a broad spectrum of causes. Our founders couldn’t have foreseen our needs today, and we cannot predict what the future holds for Muncie and Delaware County. But, no matter what the future looks like, The Community Foundation was built to always be here; to encourage community philanthropy; to be a leader in directing resources; and to forever support the quality of life for this community.

We can’t wait to share more about our promise with you. Watch for our annual report in June.

Our promise will remain today, tomorrow, and always,

The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County

Make Your Commitment

Donors, like you, make this promise possible. We are in this together. Show your commitment today, with a gift to The Community Foundation.