Posted by: Kallie Sulanke on Jul/21/2017


Pride in their alma mater runs deep for Muncie Southside High School alumni, as the Southside Rebel mascot known to students past and present invokes passion for the school. The idea for a “Spirit” scholarship first surfaced at the 30-year reunion of Southside’s Class of 1971 and became a reality at the group’s 40-year celebration. “We decided that The Community Foundation was a fabulous fit for us,” says Linda Gray, the Muncie-based alumna who researched requirements for creating a scholarship fund. “Donations would be tax deductible, we wouldn’t have to handle the money, and the Foundation staff would take care of the details.”

As we rode down South Madison Street we spotted Ethan. He was cheering on the sidelines and wearing a Taylor sweatshirt.

A core group of alumni began the hard work of raising funds and determining the general criteria for scholarship applicants. “We wanted it to go to a student who had worked hard, made good grades and wasn’t going to receive multiple awards,” says Gray. The first winner, Ethan Evans, visited with the Southside alumni at their 40th reunion and shared his plan to enroll at Taylor University and prepare for a career as a math teacher.

“He was a great choice,” says Gray. At Southside’s homecoming parade that year Gray was part of a group that boarded a decorated truck and waved to supporters. “As we rode down South Madison Street we spotted Ethan. He was cheering on the sidelines and wearing a Taylor sweatshirt.”

It was important to the alumni to continue the tradition of Rebel pride in conjunction with the consolidation of Central High School and Southside High School that occurred in 2014. The scholarship, first awarded in 2011 to a college-bound Muncie Southside High School senior, now goes to a Muncie Central senior who attended Southside High School or Southside Middle School for at least one academic year.

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