Posted by: Kallie Sulanke on Jun/28/2017

A Better Way Services Helps Victims and Others in Crisis Find Support

The Community Foundation awarded a $40,000 grant to A Better Way Services, Inc. With support of the grant, A Better Way served many people in various types of crisis. They have provided a safe place for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault and their children, handled suicide and other types of crisis calls, and seen an increase in the number of individuals served.

To highlight their success, A Better Way shared this story about Madison*.

After many years suffering through emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband, Madison could no longer endure the abusive nature of that relationship. She found herself under great strain, constantly feeling anxious and depressed. Although she had been unhappy during this time, it was hard to break away from a marriage she had put so much time and energy into maintaining. Once Madison decided to leave, she called upon A Better Way for help. While in the shelter, she received daily emotional support and guidance from staff and volunteers and attended support groups on a regular basis. Participating in A Better Way support groups provided Madison with tools to recognize red flags of abuse and maintain healthy relationships and created a supportive outlet through sharing her story with other survivors. She found that these experiences fostered personal growth and a more positive outlook.
Her confidence blossomed, allowing Madison to finally reclaim her life. Over the course of her time at the shelter, she also received counseling services from an in-house counselor, who provided her long-term counseling referrals within the community. Madison noticed a substantial change both personally and within her career. She was beginning to embrace the managerial position she had been promoted into and these personal changes were affirmed when her coworkers expressed she was smiling more and appeared much happier.
As Madison’s personal growth excelled, she also took legal steps to secure her safety by filing a protective order against her abuser with the assistance of victim advocates. The order was granted and resulted in the removal of her husband’s guns. She was then granted possession of the home, which she returned to upon exiting the shelter after several weeks. She later contacted A Better Way to express her gratitude for services and most importantly the kindness staff showed her during the darkest time in her life. She has made a personal pledge to spread awareness of domestic violence issues and let others know about the services and programs A Better Way provides.
*Name changed for confidentiality purposes.

In 2016, the Foundation granted $40,000 to A Better Way Services, Inc. to serve people in crisis in our community. This grant was funded through The Community Foundation’s quarterly Competitive Grants program. Competitive Grants are funded from unrestricted and field of interest endowment funds at The Community Foundation. Contributions to The Unrestricted Fund from our donors increase the level of grant-making available annually.

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