Emma Vivian White is the recipient of the Arthur D. and Josephine M. Robling Scholarship and the Lathrop P. Johnson Scholarship.

Emma Vivian White

Olivia is a senior at the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities. She plans to attend Indiana University Bloomington to study Spanish and psychology. She is the daughter of Tambra White and Paul White.

Arthur D. and Josephine M. Robling Scholarship recognizes students from across Delaware County. Recipients must demonstrate good moral character and display good citizenship.

The Lathrop P. Johnson Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Lathrop P. Johnson, Professor of German Emeritus in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Ball State University. Dr. Johnson's life work was helping young people understand more about themselves and others around the world through the study of language. This scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to major, or dual major, in a foreign language.