Our community foundation serves as a pool for charitable resources. These resources are used in various ways to enhance the quality of life in the community. This flexibility allows donors with different ideas and interests to give through a single, well-established foundation structure.

A community foundation represents an attractive, simple alternative to establishing a private foundation. Through a community foundation, people of all means are given the opportunity to make a significant contribution with the public in mind.

There are many ways your clients can give to The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County.

Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash are often preferable for people who make smaller contributions. Whether your gift is in honor of a friend or loved one or to meet your personal charitable wishes, cash gifts help us support Muncie and all of Delaware County.

Appreciated Securities
Contributions of securities are attractive to people who have held stocks or bonds for a long period of time, especially when the appreciation is so great that the capital gains tax would take a substantial portion of the value if they were liquidated. Gifts of appreciated securities enable you to make a significantly larger contribution than the original cost of the securities.

Testamentary Gifts
A testamentary gift is a specific bequest in your will or testamentary trust. Such gifts are exempt from estate tax.

Acorn Society
Acorn Funds are one of the best ways to invest in the future of our community. Through regular contributions, these endowments grow in much the same way that retirement funds do. For many, this is a much more realistic way to reach the $10,000 minimum required to establish an endowment fund. They’re also a tax-deductible way to ensure your charitable gifts last forever.

Creating A Legacy
The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, Inc. has established a Legacy Society. The Society recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated commitment to their community by including us in their estate planning.

Life Insurance
There are several ways to give through life insurance. You may make a cash gift, asking that the Foundation use the contribution to purchase a policy on your life, or you can give an already-owned policy. You may also assign the dividends of a policy as a gift or name The Community Foundation as a beneficiary. In addition to estate tax benefits, this giving strategy also provides an additional income tax deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable gift annuity provides lifetime income to the beneficiary and immediate tax benefits to the donor. Current funds include those listed below.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Charitable remainder trusts offer a triple advantage. First, you receive an immediate tax deduction for a charitable gift. Second, assets are removed from your estate avoiding future estate taxes. And third, you or someone you select can receive a lifetime of income from your gift.

Charitable Lead Trusts
A donor may name The Community Foundation and other charities as beneficiaries of a specified percentage of income from a trust for a set number of years. Ultimately, the bulk of the trust reverts to other named beneficiaries, such as children or grandchildren.

Private Foundation Transfers
Transferring a private foundation will preserve the identity and purposes of the original donor and family members. There are no taxes to pay and The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County assumes all administrative responsibilities. Additionally, a private foundation transfer offers flexibility, administrative savings, quarterly reports and automatic annual audits. You have the satisfaction of knowing a permanent organization is in place to carry out your wishes in the future.

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