Posted by: Kallie Sulanke on Feb/13/2017


Charlie and Charlotte Hetrick are always looking for ways to give back to the community that they say has given so much to their family. Having moved to Muncie in 1966 and raised their children here, they immersed themselves in school, church, and community activities. An engineer with Maxon Corporation at the time, Charlie had the opportunity to work with various charitable organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club. Charlotte worked with YWCA and the hospital auxiliary. These experiences allowed them to meet many “truly outstanding people” who have dedicated their lives to helping others. And so, it has been with a strong sense of gratitude that the Hetricks have partnered with The Community Foundation, giving their time and financial resources to help support those organizations that do so much in the community.

“The Community Foundation provides a great service by accumulating donated funds, investing them wisely, and monitoring their distribution to those with needs,” Charlie says, noting that the needs of the community are so great. “The least the rest of us can do is give financially so that these people and organizations can better meet the needs of those they are trying to serve.”

"There is so much more need than we have money. We don’t get requests from people who don’t need money."

One way the Hetricks do this is by helping the Maxon Foundation Fund continue to grow and serve. Originally established as the charitable arm of the Maxon Corporation, the Maxon Foundation was transferred to The Community Foundation in 2009 as a donor advised fund when the corporation was sold. The fund has since provided more than 32 grants amounting to more than $235,362 in support of organizations that serve at-risk children and families, including Motivate Our Minds, the Boys & Girls Club, Muncie Mission, and many others.

Charlie has chaired the Maxon Foundation Fund Committee since it moved to The Community Foundation and says that the experience of working with the Foundation and helping to provide funding for those who need it has been rewarding, though at times it is difficult to select the greatest need. “There is so much more need than we have money,” Charlie says. “We don’t get requests from people who don’t need money.”

Believing in the stability of The Community Foundation and the underlying mission of the Maxon Foundation Fund, the Hetricks recently donated a life insurance policy to the Foundation. Originally purchased as an annuity life insurance policy many years ago, the Hetricks reviewed the policy and their situation again in 2013 with their insurance agent and decided to donate it to the Foundation. They converted it to a straight life insurance policy, which greatly increased the amount of money it will contribute to the Maxon Foundation Fund — and the larger Muncie community.

“The Community Foundation is so important to Muncie and Delaware County because they do such a good job and help so many people,” Charlotte says. “It’s a very stable organization that will be there for years to come, and we believe investing our money with the Foundation is the best way for us to benefit the community in the long run.”

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