Posted by: Kallie Sulanke on Oct/20/2017


Casey and Jennifer Stanley are Muncie natives who were both raised in families that taught them to be active in the community. They recall that their parents not only talked about the importance of service and generosity, but they modeled that behavior as well and brought their children along to serve at the Muncie Mission, work with The Salvation Army, or put together food items at the local pantry. They are now grown and raising a family of their own in the place they have always called home, and they are continuing their parents’ legacy of civic engagement and generosity. Recently, they began investing their financial resources into The Community Foundation, believing it’s one of the best ways they can help support the community.

“Our parents taught us from a young age to be involved in making our community a better place to live,” Casey says. “We like the mission of the Foundation, which is truly to make Muncie a more beautiful, sustainable, educated, fun place to live. Because this is where we choose to live, this is why we give.”

Both Casey’s and Jennifer’s fathers served on the board of the Foundation at one time. Jennifer’s father was also the board chair. And while this connection gave the Foundation credibility, the Stanleys say it wasn’t a large factor in their decision to give. Instead they investigated for themselves and decided that their gifts to the Foundation would truly benefit Muncie and Delaware County. “We appreciate the diversity of the grants that are given to improve the overall quality of life,” Jennifer says. “It’s not just one sector but the whole community.”

"It’s our turn to show the next generation, our children, the impact generosity can have on the world."

Initially, the Stanleys gave smaller gifts to the Foundation on special occasions or to honor loved ones, but recently they were able to give a larger gift, choosing to support the unrestricted fund at the Foundation because they believe the board should have the freedom to choose the projects that will have the biggest impact.

Casey and Jennifer continue to be extremely involved in the community. He is the vice president of marketing at Ontario Systems, and she is a stylist for a women’s apparel company called cabi. They often volunteer to help with the worship service at The Gathering, where they attend church. Jennifer is a member of Tri Kappa, which provides grants through the Foundation as well. Most importantly, they are parents, raising Anna, age 12, and John, age 9, and they are committed to teaching their children the same lessons their parents taught them. “These examples we set for our children matter,” Jennifer says. “It’s our turn to show the next generation, our children, the impact generosity can have on the world.”

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