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$50 Million. That’s a big number. We are pleased to share that we have supported programs and projects across Muncie and Delaware County with more than $50 Million in grants since our beginning in 1985.

That is just one of the many milestones that The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County achieved in 2018. In this report, you’ll read more about our grantmaking in 2018. Last year we made more than 400 grants through our competitive grants programs, through donor advised grant requests, through scholarships to students pursuing higher education, and through sustaining designated distributions. We share the story of Dr. Herbert Hamilton whose designated fund celebrated 10 years of providing sustaining distributions to six local organizations.

We hit another milestone in gifts to the Foundation. Donors and funders supported the Foundation with more than $4 million in gifts, a high mark for the last decade. Some of this increase comes from donors capturing matching money from Lilly Endowment Inc., but this is only part of the story. Learn more about 2018's new funds.

This year, the Foundation celebrated 30 years of providing scholarships to students. The first scholarship fund, the George and Nelda Van Laningham Scholarship, was established in 1988. In this report, we also share the story of the Max V. and Nellie Catharine Creviston Scholarship which was awarded to the 100th Cowan graduate in 2018. This four-year award has provided students with more than $730,000 since it was established in 2000. Read more about the impact of this award.

If those milestones aren’t enough to celebrate, we also highlighted four donors, who have made their own milestones in support of The Community Foundation among our list of 2018 donors. These donors have supported the work of the Foundation with annual gifts over the life of the Foundation.

The Foundation is led by a Board of Directors made up of community members. In 2018, we said goodbye to Jeffrey R. Lang. Jeff continued to serve this year as Ex. Officio of the Board and will remain on the Finance Committee. We welcomed Sara Shade to the Board of Directors. Sara has served as a volunteer on the Foundation’s Grants Committee. 

Looking forward into 2019, we are excited about other milestones we may reach. We can’t do it without supportive community members like you. We are so happy that you continue to be part of our journey.

Kelly K. Shrock, President, and  Carol E. Seals, Chair, Board of Directors

Kelly Shrock, president, and Carol Seals, Board Chair


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