Some of the most common questions we receive are answered below. If you don't see an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

Why should I talk to my clients about charitable giving?

As a professional advisor, you are in a unique position not only to serve the charitable needs of your clients, but also to dramatically improve the quality of life in Delaware County.

You can help your clients realize their charitable objectives by listening for charitable giving opportunities, explaining options, and suggesting solutions. Significant giving opportunities arise when clients are making major business, personal, and financial decisions. Our staff can work with you and your clients to recommend the best charitable solution.

What charitable giving questions should I ask my clients?

  • What are your personal motivations for charitable giving?
  • What are your charitable interests in the community?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What level of involvement do you want to have in identifying charitable uses for your gift?
  • What type of giving vehicle best fits your financial situation and tax status?

What are typical scenarios that often lead to charitable opportunities?

  • Retiring in comfort
  • Alternatives to establishing a private foundation
  • Closely-held stock
  • Sale of disposition of highly appreciated stock
  • Sale of a business
  • Strategic giving
  • Substantial IRA/401(k) assets

What are the advantages of working with The Community Foundation?

We offer personalized service that helps individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit agencies achieve their charitable and financial goals. The tools and resources we provide make giving easy, flexible, and effective. We also offer an in-depth understanding of the community's challenges and opportunities, as well as the groups and individuals addressing them.

What services does The Community Foundation offer to me?

We offer many valuable services, among them:

  • Counseling on giving instruments and funding options.
  • Illustrating, projecting, drafting or reviewing necessary documents
  • Developing strategic giving plans for your clients and their families
  • Provide information and guidance on the communities' charitable needs and opportunities

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