Posted by: Bruno Reinert on Nov/18/2019

Maxon Foundation Fund Helps Habitat Create Home

In 2015, Muncie Habitat for Humanity spearheaded the creation of the 8twelve – a neighborhood revitalization coalition. The coalition was formed to facilitate a collaborative process for creating and executing a quality of life plan for parts of the South Central and Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhoods. 8twelve, which includes 20 partner organizations, developed a five-year revitalization plan, implemented by four action teams focused on housing, education and family engagement, beautification, and business development and employment.

Muncie Habitat’s 2019 annual plan includes four housing projects in the 8twelve target area and three additional projects in other Muncie neighborhoods. With an award of $15,000 from the 2018 Maxon Foundation Fund Grants, The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County was able to assist Muncie Habitat with the construction of one of these housing projects on East 9th Street.

Habitat for Humanity’s core housing model focuses on serving low-income working families with new or improved housing solutions. After all, homeownership can be a crucial step for low-income families on the path out of poverty. Habitat’s model of personal investment through a down payment, education, and sweat equity creates accountability and encouragement for families stepping into homeownership.

Brandon Moore applied to partner with Muncie Habitat to purchase a home for himself and his two children. Brandon, a single dad, is disabled and seeks a safe, affordable home in a quality neighborhood to raise his children. He’s currently working through payments toward his down payment, attending classes to meet education goals, all while working on completing the sweat equity.

“As Brandon watches the physical foundation of his new home take shape, he also sees his family’s foundation coming into place – a foundation from which dreams of their future can emerge,” wrote Habitat for Humanity in their post-grant report to The Foundation.

The house will be complete in early 2020. Brandon is expected to purchase the home from Muncie Habitat in the spring.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Muncie Habitat’s housing initiative is the project’s ability to bring together neighbors, from all walks of life, to lend a hand to lift up a neighbor in need. Earlier this year, Muncie Habitat hosted a group of Habitat Care-A-Vanners -- volunteers who travel across the country in RVs and stop at Habitat affiliates to volunteer. This group has ample experience working on Habitat housing projects, so 8twelve was delighted to have them working on the project at 214 E. 9th Street! The coalition is also grateful for the contribution of the teams from Knights of Columbus and Borg Warner that have also volunteered on this project thus far.

Maxon Corporation Corporation and the founding family established the Maxon Foundation Maxon as a way to give back to the community and support worthy causes in Delaware County. The Maxon Foundation transferred funds to The Community Foundation to establish the Maxon Foundation Fund in 2009.