Posted by: Jessica Tebben on Jul/13/2018

Because You're Family

Big Brothers Big Sister of Delaware County is committed to changing the lives of children in our community. Over the past year, long-term Big/Little relationships were reported on, and the consensus is clear: Littles rely on Bigs for family and stability, and Bigs open their homes to their Littles and treat them as such. In fact, one Little calls his Big’s mom “Grandma Claus” because she gets him gifts for Christmas along with his Big’s own children.

In 2017, The Community Foundation awarded $10,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County, allowing the organization to continue their impact during the 2018 mentoring program.

The goal of Big Brother Big Sisters is to aid children primarily, but not exclusively, from single-parent families in becoming confident, competent, and caring adult members of society and their community. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County’s success is in the numbers: 33 thriving matches, 37 new volunteers in the enrollment cue, and 34 new Littles waiting for the perfect match. Additionally, the national average for long-term matches is 23.7 months; the BBBS of Delaware County has an average match length of 40.4 months.

Although Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County have proof in numbers, national standards for the organization have changed over the past year. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America released new National Minimum Requirements that focused on improved child safety measures in 2017. Part of the grant money awarded by The Community Foundation went to ensuring national standards in this category will be met in Delaware County by 2019.

With new staff implementing the new standards of practice, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County is poised to continue fostering positive, long-term relationships like this one, and they hope to make an even bigger impact on the children of Delaware County in the coming years.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County believes in the power of a positive influence. When a Little asked his Grandma Claus why she was so generous to him, she said it best: “Because you’re family.” The Community Foundation is honored to help Big Brothers Big Sisters continue to grow relationships fostered in love and support.