Posted by: Kallie Sulanke on Aug/28/2019

Moving Forward: Providing Home ownership and Improving Neighborhoods

In 2018, Muncie Home Ownership and Revitalization secured property and partial funding to support a three-home development in Muncie’s Old West End Neighborhood. The houses were built on vacant properties to help revitalize the west gateway of downtown, provide home ownership opportunities for low-income residents, especially veterans, and increase safety and overall property values in the area.

The Community Foundation provided Muncie Home Ownership and Revitalization a grant of $16,500 to support the completion of HVAC, electrical, drywall, and painting for one of the three new homes. The home was completed in May of 2018 and is now the home of U.S. Army Veteran, Randy Goodman and Kristi Gosage.

In November 2017, Randy experienced some health issues and spent several months in the hospital. During that time Randy and Kristi, who had been living with a friend, learned that they had only a few days to relocate. Muncie Home Ownership and Revitalization executive director Penny Leach helped Randy and Kristi secure temporary housing until the new home was complete.

“I don’t know where we would be without the house,” said Kristi. “The house is one story and has accommodations for Randy. He’s always wanted to own his own home and we are working with Penny to move forward. It’s been amazing.”

Since 1995, Muncie Home Ownership and Revitalization has constructed over thirty homes in the neighborhoods near downtown Muncie, assisted more than 350 families with homeownership, and worked with more than 2000 families in foreclosure prevention. The organization also partners with the Muncie Area Career Center’s Construction Technology and Electrical Technology programs. Students in the programs enhance their skills by working with their instructors to build homes. A neighboring home to Mr. Goodman’s was constructed by students.

"The Veteran Housing project was one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on in my 19 years of employment at Muncie Home Ownership and Revitalization,” said Penny Leach, executive director. “Not only are we making a difference in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Muncie, but we are making a difference in the life of a veteran and his or her family. We are blessed to have the support of The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, and extremely grateful.”

According to Muncie Home Ownership and Revitalization, the construction of new homes encourages other home owners in the area to invest in their home. Through their work, a seed is planted, and the revitalization efforts spread.

Moving Forward: Providing Home ownership and Improving Neighborhoods


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